Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Highlights

Since it is the last week of summer before school begins for all of us (minus Jax) I figured I would looked back at some of my favorite shots and memories of the summer.  We have had such a wonderful summer that these are just a small handful of my favorites. We have been so blessed to be able to go and do so many fun things this summer....I am truly thankful.
Jaxon in Orgeon trying to run away from the wave...but the wave won.

On the beach in Orgeon enjoying our morning coffee while the boys played.  He always gives me heck for taking lots of pictures or trying different things but it sure pays off when your creative juices actually worked. One of my most favorite shots of summer.

Jamie finally capturing me with the boys. I always tell him that our family vacations look like he is a single dad vacation with his boys. I promise I am there too.

My second most favorite shot of Aidan.....taking in his surroundings. When I was taking the picture I remember thinking....he is soaking this moment up completely. Gotta love wondering sometimes what is going on in their minds when the are so still and quiet.

Aidan our photographer....not bad. I sure do love this man!

Oh man, do we have our work cut out for us with this one....what a little crazy man he is...but so much to love too!

The boys morning fishing...the memories I know they made and the fun they had with Dad and Unkie.  Something they still talk about all the time.  Love it!

Pure sweetness! Cousin love...holding hands and talking on the way to the car.

1st round of golf...finished and many more to come...

Aidan loving every minute of golfing.....

Playing in the gym at daddy's school....a game of dodge ball was perfect for our little hoarder. He was in heaven going and collecting all the balls.

Enjoying the park.

Getting fun

Collecting shells.....again another hoarding activity.:)

Oregon sunset from our room.

Celebrating 10 years anniversary...what a wonderful time!

What a great summer we have had. So many memories, so much to be thankful for. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Aidan is 6!

My Aidan is 6! I am so proud of this boy.  He has grown so much this past year in ways that I knew he would, but to actually see and look back on is amazing! I continue to stand in awe at what God does in his life and who He is growing Aidan to be.  It truly is a beautiful process even if it is hard at times.  I am so thankful that God has blessed me and entrusted me to be his mommy. What a great gift.

Aidan has grown in continued desire and love for sports.  This summer getting to try his hand at golf has definitely been a highlight for him and for his daddy.
His focus and drive to learn and get better at things he loves is truly fun to watch.  He still can get frustrated but he tries longer before getting frustrated and quitting.  I remember when he would try something new a year or so ago he would just want to quit if he couldn't do it right the first time.  Now, quitting is still an option in his mind but it doesn't come as quickly. 

I love that this summer he has started saying "I love you" more.  He has never been one to hug or show lots of affection but he is definitely more open to letting us know when he "loves us" and does give more hugs.  It is so sweet to see this emotion coming from him. I love when it is unprompted and completely his desire.  It makes my heart smile so much. Growing in confidence in who he is continues to excite me to see where it will take him. 

He is a great big brother. They definitely still have their moments of love/hate but I continue to pray that their relationship would move into a great friendship.  So far, we are on a great track for a wonderful friendship.  I know that Jaxon loves his older brother. 

We celebrated his birthday with Jamie's family on his actual birthday (yesterday). He had been wanting a Whitecaps jersey since we went to a soccer game.  He was definitely excited when he opened his present and there it was.  He got lots of other things that excited him as well but I think the jersey took the cake.  In the above picture you see that we have fish tank.  This was Aidan's present from us.  He was very excited about having a fish tank.  He also got money from Auntie Heather and Unkie Matt and Nana and Papa for his bday to get fish and other things for the tank. Thanks to everyone for making his birthday a special one. 

Aidan loves that he has a white jersey and Dad has a blue one.  It makes it perfect for soccer games in the backyard.  Jaxon and I were a team last night and the Whitecaps were a team.  Jaxon and I didn't win but we will have our revenge another night.  I wouldn't be shocked to see another Whitecaps jersey on Jax some day. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A bit more of Summer

We truly have had a wonderful summer.  We have gotten to go and do quite a lot and for that I am truly thankful.  A couple of weeks ago we went golfing to Cheam for the first time.  Aidan loved every minute of it. Jaxon is still a bit small to enjoy the true game but he had fun tagging along and putting. I am pretty sure this daddy was quite thrilled to start sharing this love with his boys.

Aidan got golf clubs for Christmas this past year and this was the first time they were used on a course.  What fun it was to watch him focus and try hard to do it right. He doesn't like to receive any coaching really but when he did and when he realized he wasn't doing it right he would work hard to change his swing and he would then see the reward when doing it right.  Crazy kid is just like his momma that way....wants to do things on his own......doesn't like to asking for help ;)

This is to document that I was playing golf as well (since I am the one that always takes the pictures) along with my crazy sidekick.  He truly is our silly one. I have a feeling we are in for a crazy ride with him as he gets older and more silly. 

Here we are on the 18th hole!  We finished the whole course.  We weren't sure if the boys would last that long but they did awesome.  I am sure if we were able to keep going Aidan would have.....Jaxon was definitely done at that point.  He just wanted some well anticipated french fries.  I see a lot of golf trips in this families future. 

Another fun thing we were able to do this summer was head to Quesnel to visit Heather, Matt, Kai and Halle.  We went during Canada Day Long Weekend.  And for the first time ever....the weather was wonderful!  Seriously, every time we have gone in the summer it is cold and rainy. 

We went to a lake one morning and enjoy the water.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the water except for Kai.  For some reason he wasn't into it as much as everyone else.  He found his own fun on the beach.  The boys loved having this air mattress to float around on and then jump off of or at least Aidan loved jumping off of it......Jaxon not so much.

No matter how much I tried this little one would not smile for the camera. Very serious.  It was fun being with them and spending some good quality time with them. 

Matt and Heather's neighbors have a trampoline and have always let Kai come and jump so we were able to take advantage of this as well. I love these two of the boys because I was able to capture then in mid-air and Jaxon bouncing on his bum.  Kai was always on the tramp with the boys but he would get time to jump on his own.  He didn't really like jumping with both boys on. So they would take turns.

Unkie Matt took the boys (and Jamie) out fishing one morning.  They went to a lake that he guaranteed that they would catch some fish and catch they did.  The boys loved fishing out on the boat with Dad, Unkie and Kai.

This was Jaxon's fish.....he was all about touching it but Aidan not so much.  I love the expression on the boys faces along with Unkie's.  What a great memory that the boys have. 

The boys decided to have this fishing morning be a "just the guys" time.  They loved the fact that it was just the guys.  So cute.  So, I got to stay back at the house...have a second cup of a coffee and enjoy some time with Heather. Everyone won....I think ;)

Our last morning we went to a little water park in town.  The boys enjoyed trying to spray us all and trying not to get sprayed.

Jaxon was all about spraying others but didn't want to get wet himself. We had to break him of that since it didn't seem fair that he could just spray you and then you couldn't get him back...that is just not how it works in this house ;) All in all it was a great trip and fun to spend time with the Isaak's. Thanks so much for letting us come and enjoy time with your family.  We all had a wonderful time!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Fun

A week and a bit ago....we headed to Vancouver for a dentist appointment then went to the beach.  It was a beautiful day and the boys played in the sand and picked up shells. We buried Aidan in the sand and tried to make some castles but it didn't work so well. 
Jaxon was content to collect sea shells by the sea shore. I think by the end he had collected half a bucket worth of shells.  Of course, we had to bring them all home as well. They are collected in a zip-lock bag but hopefully I can throw them out before the end of the summer.  ;)

Like Father, Like Son.  Jamie loves to lay in the sun and it looks like we have someone else that likes it too.

Aidan giving his Mr. Scott smile.

Jaxon and one of his many silly faces......

Our little is quite scary how he likes to collect thinsg and keep things. We are definitely enjoying our summer together.  Making as many memories as we can. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Jamie and I were blessed to be able to go to Hawaii the first week in July to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  My parents flew out from Michigan to stay with the boys.  It was an absolutely wonderful time.  I know my parents had a good time with the boys but I know our time was much more relaxing ;)
This was the view from our room.  We would sit and drink our morning coffee and decide what we were going to do that day.  It was gorgeous.  We decided it was nice to go just the two of us but it was also a place that would be fun to take the boys some day.  Lots of things to do as a family.
There were a couple of days where clouds rolled it and it rained a bit but not for long.  And since it was so warm the rain felt nice.  We did a hike one day along the coastline and even with the clouds it was breathtaking.  It was so fun to walk with my handsome man, not caring what we did or didn't do.....we were together and enjoying the time.
This is again the view from our never got old.

We decided one day to go zip-lining. It was a great time and we were even able to do it with our friends, Dan and Erin who were in Maui at the same time as us.  The two guides we had were hilarious and it was never a dull moment.
The views of the ocean were again absolutely beautiful....
We were glad that we chose to do zip-lining it was a lot of fun and something that we both enjoyed....

There were several beaches around where we were staying and they were all different.  Some were good for snorkeling and others for boogie boarding and surfing.  What afternoon we decided to try boogie boarding with Dan and Erin.  It was a blast.  The waves were huge! Jamie's first ride he was wearing flippers to help kick and it came flying off.  It was so fun trying to catch the perfect wave....there were so many to choose from.

This was probably one of our favorite days...we were in the sun, riding waves and having lots of laughs with each other and our friends.  Great memories.  I love this man more everyday.

I shocked Jamie when I went out there and kept going. He didn't really think I would do it or would like it but I was hooked.  He said that when Erin and I were out together they could always find us because we were just laughing/screaming as we caught at wave into the beach.  So fun!

This was our view from our last anniversary dinner spot.  We ate so well while we were there.  We usually had breakfast and lunch at our place and then would go out for dinner.  The only criteria Jamie had was that the place needed to have a view of the water. This dinner was no exception.  It was gorgeous.  It was a wonderful trip enjoying each other and reminiscing about the 10 year journey we have been one.  It has been a great journey and we can't wait for the next 10 years. Thanks  to my parents for coming and spending time with the boys....I know they had a great time. I hope they made as many special memories that we did.